About Bariatric Surgery Revision
In most cases, patients who undergo surgery for the treatment of obesity obtain superb weight loss results. However, many obese individuals face unsatisfying results in the months following their bariatric surgery and some patients, over time, even regain weight or encounter medical complications. Bariatric surgery revision is an ideal treatment for patients who may or may not have experienced outstanding results following their weight loss surgeries. Dr. Ponce De Leon and his medical team can evaluate your medical needs, discuss with you your unique requirements, and then formulate and recommend a weight loss method that will work best for your case.

When suggesting a more optimal form of treatment, Dr. Ponce De Leon and our medical team will educate you on what to expect before, during and after treatment, benefits and risks associated with the procedure, and answer any questions you may have regarding surgery. Through thorough education you will be able to make a more informed, confident decision regarding the path you want to take in achieving your weight loss goals.

The Need for Revision

LAP-BAND Surgery Revision
In some cases, band slippage has resulted in patients needing revision surgery to replace or reposition the device. Often, slippage is detected when a patient discovers that they are failing to lose weight following surgery or they begin gaining weight in the months and years following surgery.

Infection may occur in your stomach if the band erodes. When erosion takes place, a hole within the lining of your stomach is created and exposed. To correct the complication and further your weight loss journey, Dr. Ponce De Leon can perform other bariatric surgery procedures including gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery to mend the hole and put your health back on track. Both bariatric procedures can be performed, as well, if you fail to see the results you had expected when undergoing LAP-BAND surgery.

Gastric Sleeve Revision
Even though gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective forms of weight loss treatment, the method may require bariatric surgery revision at our Tijuana clinic if the stomach stretches. Over time, your stomach may take an hour-glass shape, and it will need to be “re-sleeved” to prevent future weight gain. Some patients may not see desirable results following gastric sleeve surgery and could benefit from a different form of bariatric treatment, such as gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Revision
The stretching of your stomach may require reshaping and trimming in order for you to continue to lose weight. Through this form of bariatric surgery revision with our medical team, the smaller, upper portion of your stomach can be restored to the original gastric bypass anatomy. A re-sized, smaller pouch will help you to once again lose excess weight and keep it off.

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